For our family, seven generations spread across six different lineages, agriculture has been our way of life and passion as this great country formed around us. Our earliest ancestors began their voyage with William Penn and most of them were here before the Revolutionary War. The precious gift that is all our natural resources has been our means of sustenance for almost 250 years. Preserving the bounty of food these resources can provide to modern society has been a responsibility meticulously taught and entrusted to each coming generation. 

Our current farm owes its gratitude to Donald McCorkle as founder and educator where our operation lies today. Don's family homesteaded in Indiana in the 1820's and he purchased the farm we now call home in 1946. His passion for livestock and soil management has been our motivation to consider and evaluate all of our decisions not solely as they impact us, but as they determine the sustainability of this farm. Don married a widowed Neva Dowden (Bud's mom) and worked to educate and raise Bud to become an innovator and careful steward of the farm. Together they evaluated common farming practices with regard to soil management and the use of pasture and hay ground to improve the productivity of the land. As a result of this opportunity, Bud has gone on to win multiple awards for conservation practices and has preserved the production ability of our farm.

Following in the footsteps of such innovative businessmen has laid a foundation that we strive to uphold everyday.